Is this thing still on?

Hey there! Its been a while… and by a while I mean about 3 years? Sorry about that… I was a bit busy. After completing the 2015 Princess Half marathon I felt like I had let myself and you guys down. But I would like you guys to give me a chance to catch you back up and see where we can take this from here!

Well since then, Jamil and I got married in July 2015 surprising many of our friends and family #whatthefick, and we had a beautiful baby girl Jean Marie in February of 2016. In April 2016 my grandmother who we shall refer to as Gigi, moved in with us. We bought our first house in May 2016….. and then Jamil was offered a job in Atlanta(his hometown) to start in July 2016.

When accepted and moved and my WONDERFUL company has allowed me to stay on working from home. Atlanta is wonderful because… SWEETS. They are everywhere, and I have been trying to keep a list and lose baby weight but GAH.

Which brings me to training…. or lack there of. Its been a constant struggle between balancing motherhood, work life and our new city that has an actual winter. Using the nike run club app and the nike training club app has REALLY paid off over the last few months. We also joined the Atlanta Track Club here so that we could have access to their grand prix series of races throughout the year to stay motivated to train.

For Jeans first birthday we spent the weekend in Disney World where I represented Girls on the Run Orlando. I was able to raise with your support $1200 to participate for this cause. There was a 10k Saturday and Half marathon on Sunday and I am happy to report that I completed both and can still walk! LOL. I even had a course PR for the Half which made me feel like I am starting to get it back together.  Have several events lined up here over the next few months and really looking forward to getting my miles back up.

I need you to bare with me, forgive me, and keep it real with me because I AM BACK… and I am not going anywhere!



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