Is anyone going to hold me accountable for keeping up with this thing? Come on guys…. Someone has to. Because I have literally reached an all time new low of lazyyyy BUT I am here now so let’s do this.

A month ago today we woke up in London. Literally. Not a dream. On the top floor of the biggest plane I’ve ever seen,

with two British Tweens poking the backs of our seats like they were the pillsbury dough boys belly. But we made it. Safe and sound and ready to explore.

But first we got to go through customs…. Wait for bags…(you know we packed like we were going for a month) and then navigate the Gatwick airport to find the train we pre-booked to victoria station.(best idea ever because we avoided a massive line) Once we figured out our platform we didn’t wait long before we loaded in. At this point we had not had cell service or wifi for at least 12 hours and I am not sure how I lived.

But this was worth it. And after about a 30 minute train ride we were at Victoria station! And needed to find a cab that would hold all our junk.


Off the the Park Plaza Riverbank hotel to drop out bags and fingers crossed, early check in. And wellllll we could! So the obvious thing to do was throw down all of our bags and nap for a few hours. This completely helped save us from being jet lagged and allowed us to get some serious exploring done on a nice late afternoon-early evening walk up the Thames.




First stop? Why of course we needed fish and chips! We made the rookie mistake of eating in a touristy shop near the London eye… But the serving size was large and I had a very happy boy on my hands.


After eating we walked through the area where the parliament is and closer to Big Ben. Totally cool and probably a good 4 miles plus in a pair of fresh chucks. Rookie mistake number two! But we managed to make the best of it before heading back to the hotel to get a good nights rest.





This is a blog about running right? Oh yeah right… So of course we wake up early Friday morning for a run to…. Buckingham palace! It worked out that it was basically a 5k to and from the hotel so I easily swindled Jamil into it.




It was super awesome and fun to run through the droves of people headed into work for the day. I sort of felt like a real runner! And once we got to the Palace we were completely taken back….




But no pausing for too long! The changing of the guard wasn’t for a few hours and our stomachs were ready for a proper English breakfast, so after a quick selfie it was back to the hotel!



After breakfast we had to get ready because our good friends Tom and Emily would be arriving from the train station any minute to drop their bags and head out with us for a day of… SHOPPING. This is where rookie mistake number three came into play. Aka opting for ridiculously adorable shoes versus comfy sneaks to rest my poor chuck Taylor wounded feet.


But I mean seriously. Would you rock sneakers with this?!

Anyway… Shopping day was a complete blur. It was the first official day of London fashion week and Oxford street was booming! After grabbing a quick bite and wifi at Pret a Manger it was off to Harrods and Primark. I can’t really recall the order, but this is probably because the Harrods Champagne bar was also involved in this. And some serious ankle bleeding that led to a purchase of some insanely cute new flats from PRIMARK for 4 pounds. Can we say amen?!




But anyone who knows me knows I can’t function on days like this without a nap. So after recouping and getting ready we were off to Leicester square for dinner and some casino action! Dinner was lovely and quick and ended with a Nutella and strawberry pizza so basically I could not complain.


Jamils roulette luck wasn’t the best…. But Emily was winning like it was her birthday! Overall we walked away smiling and that’s all that matters right?

Saturday was a pretty big deal. We had a trip to the magical Nike Lab London planned, and wanted to watch the Man U and Arsenal game somewhere semi decent since we weren’t able to get the nearly impossible tickets. We started off on the tube(which was so clean it made me feel like I was in a movie)




And then a short walk to hunt down this hidden gem.




Another success! And we still had some serious time to kill so it was off to the Spitalfields market and the original All Saints store…






Now that is one happy man. Next off to the Slug to catch the futbol game! We apparently watched the whole match. I truly wish I could speak more on this experience but the bar had wi fi soooooooooo yeah. After the team we wanted to win won(I think) it was back to the hotel to rest and change for out last night on the town!

And it was Saturday, and we were in London…. But we are a Georgia Bulldog household regardless of which side of the pond we are on. And of course the game was on cbs…. And on a rain delay…. So! Somehow Jamil magically found the only bar in ALL of London that was playing it! So we waited out the rain delay and made new friends. Unfortunately the game went in and out several times because it was being shown via someone’s slingbox… So we left at halftime to try to find it online and pack. Let’s just say during this process I managed to break Jamil’s computer and complete my packing. You win some and you lose some!




And when we woke up… We got ready quickly… Largely because the hotel cuts your power prior to your check out so you’ll leave! And headed to the Eurostar station to catch our train to Paris. Welp… Let’s just say this was one of my personal favorite awesome amazing highlights of the trip…. Why you might ask? BECAUSE I GOT TO GO TO KINGS CROSS STATION AND VISIT PLATFORM 9 3/4 DUH!(please excuse my nerd Harry Potter enthusiasm)




No seriously… This really happened… And yes… That is my phone case.

After my nerd shenanigans it was time to make our way across the street to St Pancreas so we could grab some brunch and check in! Emily and I also had other plans…. That mainly involved byobing our own bottle of champagne.





And this is what I leave you with… Because my hand is literally cramping… And you probably stopped reading paragraphs ago. See you in Paris!


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