Slacker of the year award

Ok so I have been completely slacking. It’s not that I haven’t been active or training, it’s just that I haven’t been on a dedicated plan regime que all the excuses.

Things have been going really well. I’m continuing to get faster. Those nasty calluses on my feet are almost completely heeled, and overall I feel better.

I did attempt an at home workout from runners world that looked super cool on paper…. But well I’m just not a good reader IMG_9593.JPG
So I have to admit, I didn’t realize that I was supposed to turn for the first set… Ummm yeah





Yeah… anyway on that note!

Spent Labor Day weekend with Jamil visiting his brother in Atlanta which is always a great time. We watched UGA whoop some tiger booty and paid a visit to the brick I got them at the new College Football Hall of Fame which was amazing. The brick is literally front and center and could not be more perfect.



After a great visit, and a quick nap…. Of course I made Jamil get up so we could climb stone mountain! It’s such a great workout and last time we climbed it over thanksgiving break I was embarrassingly out of shape feeling.






But of course… This was followed up by a visit to Jim and nicks BBQ… Which got ugly.



But was just what we needed before the drive back to Orlando.

Last week was pretty solid. I only ran about 6 miles and biked 2, I’ve been mixing in a lot of weight training and really trying to work on strengthening my butt. After my 10k a few weeks ago my It band was pulling on me knee so I knew it was time to get back to building.

I can promise you that my next blog will be completely worth reading because…. Dun dun dunnnn

We are going to London and Paris!

But don’t tell I told because I will get in trouble.

Love you guys!


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