That time I ate curb with a side of cheesesteak….

Obviously Philadelphia was so wonderful it’s taken me since we got home Sunday to gather my thoughts. And by wonderful I mean that is an act of God himself that I did not gain 10 pounds while there. Jamil and I landed early morning Friday and my grandfather picked us right up from the airport and took us to his favorite local diner, dynasty for those of you familiar. And then I met my first big challenge: 20140729-073456-27296228.jpg

Now, grandpop’s rule is that you don’t order anything you can’t finish. It’s been this way since childhood. But I insisted anyway.


And I conquered ! Which is probably sad but I was very hungry since I had been up since like 3am so maybe I will just count this as lunch?

Anyway, after lunch we went back to grandpop’s house to chat it up and spend some quality time. And he lives uber close to the sports complex so we had some cool photo opps:




Then off to spend some qt, Or so I thought. The itis snuck up on me like it was thanksgiving day and I woke up an hour later to the sound of my grandfather teaching my boyfriend basic Spanish words from his laptop. Sorry babe! After some real qt I asked if he could take us to our hotel but of course first we needed pics duh! Which reminds me he asked me to email them to him so thanks guys.



After checking in another nap was clearly in order, but first we had to check out a sneaker boutique for my favorite sneakerhead, and get a quick cheesesteak




And pop by the gorgeous city hall…


Then back to the hotel for a nap which was all of an hour maybe, and then it was time to wake up and rush to meet my cousins who I had not seen since I was 12. We walked down to rittenhouse
area and tria told us there would be a wait so we walked across to dandelion and hello


Trust this door. Seriously. Because there is some legit Irish/ English food awaiting you behind it. And a pretty kick ass ambience.After we ate we went to a nice little spot called Mcfaddens where of course there was another photo opp but then we had to roll because it was now past 10:30pm aka my bedtime.


Saturday morning we woke up at 7:45 to go for my planned run! Our hotel was only like 1.8 miles from the Philadelphia museum of art so I wanted to take jamil( who loves rocky) to the back stairs so we could run up them. Got lost a little on the way there but made it!
Started with a nice view of the city

And then ran past my grandfathers high school which was very cool to see


Followed by a stretch of greenery and the Rodin museum.


And after pushing just a bit further, we made it!






But of course you can’t forget the statue!


And then it was time to go back, and obviously run past way more cool stuff:




There would be more pictures but well, with about half a mile left as we entered the city I ate curb. For the first time. There was just the tiniest shift in a crack elevated and I was taking in a beautiful cathedral and bam. Obviously to save myself from awkwardly tumbling downward I immediately flow into a volleyball roll which probably makes it even more awkward. Minor scrapes, minor embarrassment. But I’m glad I got it out of the way.

After eating a solid hotel breakfast and showering I then forced Jamil to walk with me to the historic area and to my surprise he was actually interested! #historynerdwin , but there were also about 2000 other people who had the same idea as us. So! Instead of waiting in a ridiculously long line to take a photo next to the liberty bell I took one of the side, followed by some selfies with independence hall in the background and a little gift shop action for our traditional trip magnet.



At this point it was time to head back towards reading terminal market for another cheesesteak from Carmine’s, but first we popped by love park to visit one of the 2 infamous love statues!

And now to the cheesesteaks and ice cream with Grandpop.








And what have we learned happens after I eat well? Nap time! You guessed it. Waking up was well worth it because I had been waiting all weekend to hit spruce street harbor park, I had read about it online and I love Penn’s landing at night plus I was about to meet two of Jamil’s favorite people so I pulled it together for our last night and when we got there was completely thrilled.

First off, I absolutely die for over sized chair photo opportunities.


Secondly I had not yet had water ice! I know! What was I thinking?


And of course the scenery at Penn’s landing was perfect.




We had to stand in a line for roughly 10-15 minutes before getting out on the little deck set up but it was well worth it, great food and drinks





A classic goofy photo opp


And lastly a signature couple pose. I mean hello!


Perfect ending to the perfect trip. Until next time !


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