4 weeks til orthocarolina classic!

On 8/23 I will be running in the orthocarolina classic in Charlotte, NC. My first official 10k with one of my very best girlfriends whom I cannot wait to see and hug and love. (We are also doing the half marathon together). She has recently experienced a devastating loss and this is the soonest I came get there to be with her.

So this is pretty soon, I mean less then 4 weeks to do a 10k is sort of a big deal for the athletically challenged common folk like myself. I found a training program on runners world and of course in theory would have had to start it Sunday. So missed day 1 but completed day 2 last night and whooped my own ass.
Quick tips for training in central Florida in the outdoors: 1-make sure it isn’t 91 degrees 2- do not take a thermo cla pill 3- do not wear black 4- make sure it is not before 7:30pm 5- do not wear a belly burner.

Well now that we are clear, just know that basically I murdered myself and had tingly fingers and a sweaty bum. But today I feel great.


20140729-104824-38904874.jpg seriously sweaty.

And of course there were snacks


Now I know I’ve promised music, but I lost the buds to my beats while traveling last month to virginia, and my Bluetooth headphones tragically cracked in my suitcase going to Philly, so I attempted to get some sony make shift ones at best buy that were just a no go. Sorry… Trust me I am not too happy about it either.


One thought on “4 weeks til orthocarolina classic!

  1. Glad you’ll get to run with your friend – good luck with the training! Sucks about the music; I’ve been running music-less this week and it is *not* going well. I can only listen to my breathing for so long…


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