It’s all downhill from here

Seriously because were headed to Philly and the first thing I am shoving down my throat is a cheesesteak. Followed immediately by a water ice, none of that phony Italian ice stuff for me.

Don’t judge, I’ve already mapped out a run from the hotel to the art museum so we can do the rocky stairs! Duhhhhh 20140724-195053-71453588.jpg

I wonder if Jamils gonna let me bring my belly burner, I mean it’s not that embarrassing right?!

Well probably only when I pose like that.

Anyway, I’ve already selected some sweet reading material and snacks for our flight


And I am soooo ready to be there, but I really need to be honest with you guys and myself about this week because I have made some really questionable decisions.








Ok some were good, some were bad and some were really bad, BUT they were all delicious. And YES that is cookie butter in a flour tortilla heated to perfection.

I did have a great quick run in the rain in attempts to save a dog that I has seen on the side of the road on my way home. If only I hadn’t went home to change first, not only did I get completely soaked by torrential downpour, but boosie doesn’t have a new brother or sister, insert sad face


And then an even sadder face because today I had to drop boosie off at Luna’s let luau and he as way excited and I basically want to cry.



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