Running in 94% humidity will make your eyeballs sweat

No matter what time it is or where you are, I am strongly considering conducting an independent study.

But, I did it anyway. Thanks to Kim’s wake up text I made it to our Central Florida women’s runners meet up. And then I proceeded to punish myself for my blasphemous rest day cuisine choices.




Afterwards we walked over to panera for breakfast and girl chat, always a plus. I even ran into father john from church.

Who doesn’t love spinach AND avocado?!

Anyway! After breakfast I decided it was time to join the other over zealous Orlando yuppies and visit our brand new trader joes!

Parking was not a nightmare, and I found a cart and got to work…. Well after I sent a selfie to Jamil,

I know, poor guy right?!

Well we are stocked up on cookie butter for a few weeks… And quinoa. And I probably bought more then enough other random ish. But all in all I am quite pleased and very happy to have a familiar part of home here now.



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