Tasty Tuesdays!

Since Sunday I have been sticking to this pretty cool extreme toning workout plan that’s in my fitness trainer app. 5 days, 3 weight training and 2 running. Yesterday was day 3 and leg day. I owned it. And added a 5 minute ab workout.

Unfortunately for me I had a gf who I never ever get to see free and an old college friend in town so I had to, and I mean just had to go to tasty Tuesdays. I may or may not have also preplanned my cupcake order as well but that’s neither here nor there.

Beef patty heaven!



Followed by absolutely amazing tostones


But of course nothing can compare to the yum yum truck. A smut cupcake which is just as deliciously confusing as you could think, a bacon whoopie pie, pineapple and classic vanilla.


If only I could make better choices. But hey! Checks and balances are necessary,



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