As promised

For those of you who care to follow and or are extremely interested in seeing questionably gory photos of my feet, THIS IS YOUR PLACE! I am going to attempt to make updates as frequently as possible. I repeat, I am going to “attempt” to make updates as frequently as possible.

I would first like to start off with a huge thank you to all of those who contributed to my page and helped me reach the first milestone of my goal, registering for a half marathon. The 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon is just over 200 days away and I have already begun my training.

I started taking running more seriously in October of 2013. I set new goals, became more conscious of tracking my miles and logging my times so that I could continue to grow and set new goals as a runner. Since then I have participated in a 5k this may, monthly challenges with friends and even a meet up group ( which was not as scary as I thought it would be). My first competitive 10k is this October and this race will count as my proof of time for the half marathon.

Ok, well I feel like that was a dreadfully boring enough overview to get this thing started. Welcome and thanks again!



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